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Psychotherapy Services for Women, Men, Adolescents and Children

We are experienced, interactive, feminist therapists who believe that the therapy relationship must be compassionate, trustworthy, and genuine. 

We work with people experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and conflicts in relationships. We also have developed expertise on the treatment of substance abuse, the widespread effects of violence against women (incest, rape, battering, and harassment), eating disorders, addictions, parenting issues, and problems in the workplace. 

In our initial meetings with clients, we work to develop realistic goals and a time frame for therapy. Throughout the therapeutic process, we help clients identify strengths as well as problem areas. 

We emphasize that therapy is an active, collaborative process of working toward  self-acceptance and change. Insight, tolerance of feeling, and specific behavioral strategies may all be useful toward this end. 

We help our clients understand the sources of their depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Equally important, we help them appreciate their resourcefulness, resilience, and competence. 

We offer:

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